Who is Pollinate?

Pollinate Communications is Directed by Richard Field. With 16 years experience across FMCG, Service Delivery, Mobile Telecoms and Broadband he has earned a repuation for success and results .

In various roles, he has managed (and consulted across) the full end-to-end marketing mix, including brand development, launch and extension, strategy, promotion, business planning, product innovation and development and pricing, market and customer analysis, and campaign development, communication and integration. He is a strong team player, with excellent internal and external management skills, commercial acumen and a passionate approach to brand development and innovation.

Pollinate Communications specialise in strategic planning and marketing, branding, positioning, product and brand innovation and implementation.

Specialist Brand Marketing Agency

At Pollinate communications we go the extra yard in implementing a brand strategy and marketing plan to achieve set objectives.

Research is a critical component of developing an effective marketing strategy.Too many companies base their marketing strategy on just their internal perspective resulting in poor communications with a target market that you do not fully understand.

Pollinate takes the individual and shows them an outside-in perspective, giving a realistic view of what your target market really wants and needs.

Strategic Planning

Product and service innovation

Brand Commercialisation

Customer Touch Point Planning and Development

Brand Events - Experiential Customer Activity

Communication Planning


Process evaluation and development

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